Sectional Doors

Sectional doors consist of insulated sandwich panels and thus provide high heat and sound insulation. The junction points of the panels should be such that the possibility of finger pinching is prevented.

Since the winding is balanced with springs, it should also work easily by hand. It is covered with protective gaskets on all four sides. Motors are used when automation is requested from the doors.

Hydraulic Ramp

Hydraulic loading ramps are auxiliary systems used as level adjusters to eliminate the height differences between the loading platform of the cold storage and the vehicle.

Hydraulic ramps are machines with a dynamic load carrying capacity of 6 tons, telescopic type, the upper platform is made of a single piece of drop diamond plate, with crash wedges and warning strips, with a 380 V/50 Hz electric motor, with a safety valve in case of sudden discharge, and with a control panel that adjusts the movement.

Loading Bellow

Another product that is indispensable in loading-unloading operations is the bellows. The bellows provides a high level of sealing by closing the gaps between the building surface and the truck-trailer frame.

The dock shelter is usually made of aluminum construction, 3,8 kg/m2, 3 mm thick black PVC curtain. They have warning docking signs next to them.