Atmosphere Controlled Cooling System

Atmosphere Controlled Cooling System is a storage technique in which the oxygen level is reduced and carbon dioxide is generally increased. In this investment option, oxygen is withdrawn from the system to eliminate respiration so that the maggots on the dried figs die completely. And with the moistening process, moisture loss, which causes weight loss in dried figs, is prevented. Under controlled atmosphere conditions, many products can be stored for 2 to 4 times longer than with normal refrigeration systems.

Additional devices required for storage in the atmosphere controlled cooling system;

Nitrogen Generator

The Nitrogen Generator produces pure nitrogen from the surrounding normal air. After nitrogen is taken from the air, oxygen is expelled. If the amount of oxygen is reduced in a cold chamber, respiration is delayed and thus the burning of important foodstuffs in vegetables or fruits is reduced. The amount of oxygen is reduced to the lowest possible level (Low Level Oxygen-ADO) in order to preserve the foodstuffs and thus the quality. Nitrogen Generator, high scale MKE

It consists of two containers with (Molecular Carbon Sieve) value. The molecular sieve absorbs nitrogen molecules for a certain time and up to a certain pressure. After one container reaches the saturation point, the system automatically activates the other container with the help of a valve. By blowing out the absorbed oxygen molecules, the pressure of the saturated container is taken and it is prepared for reuse. This simple principle ensures a long service life and high reliability.

Carbon Dioxide Scavenger

Carbon dioxide traps are used to control the CO2 values in the cold storage. The air in the storage area is directed through the trap and the air purified from CO2 is returned. During respiration, oxygen (O2) is used and carbon dioxide (CO2) is released.

Excess CO2 causes irreversible damage to the product and therefore must be removed from the environment. All products produce different amounts of CO2 and each has a different sensitivity to CO2. In this system, it is possible to store many different fruits and vegetables in a single cold storage by using a central gas purification equipment.

The activated charcoal in the CO2 trap absorbs the CO2 molecules. After the air passed through activated charcoal is purified from CO2, it is sent back to the cold room. Thus, CO2 is effectively removed from the cold air chamber.