In our factory, where single and double leaf Service Bar Doors, which are frequently used in Cold Room Storages with high insulation values, are produced, the desired number of A++ Cold Room Doors is produced in accordance with all needs.

Technicial Specifications;

Door Wing: 42(-2) density polyurethane was injected between two sheets without using any wood material.

Door Thickness: It is 92mm in normal cold storages and 120mm in frozen storage warehouses.

Suspension Hardware: Carrier rail, wheels, handles and necessary accessories are composite material and stainless steel.

Surface Sheet: Both sides of the standard manufacturing blade are PVC sheet. Optionally, it can be polyester painted sheet and CrNI.

Door Frame: Outer Frame is special PVC, inner frame material is aluminum.

Heat Bridge: In normal storage rooms, there is a single row of special rubber gasket surrounding the door leaf. There is a resistance that can be changed very easily when necessary in the frame of the frozen storage room doors.